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Luckiest One May 11, 2010

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     Luckiest One

      Director Sean Donnelly




    Charley wakes up on his birthday and decides to throw himself a bowling party. His roommate is moving out soon, so they are showing their place to new potential subletters during the day. Nobody ends up showing up to the bowling party except for his current roommate and a potential new subletter who is mostly there to talk about the apartment. Things turn around though when Charley ends up having a bond with the potential subletter.



Festival and Awards                                                                                                                



Director’s Bio                                                                                                                         

Sean Donnelly

Sean Donnelly grew up in Santa Cruz, California, but has lived in Brooklyn since graduating from NYU’s Film and Television program.

His thesis film, "The Couch", which won a screenwriting award, acting ensemble award and was a Wasserman Semi-Finalist at the NYU First Run Film Festival and went on to play at SXSW.

Sean is currently working on developing an animated television show called Basement Gary. The "Drug Simulator" short recently won the Playboy Animation Contest. He is also developing a couple of documentary projects and writing a feature film based on "The Luckiest One".



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Director’s blog



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