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Us Now May 11, 2010

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      Director Ivo Gormley

      UK, 2009, 60 min 33s




    In his student flat in Colchester, Jack Howe is staring intently into his computer screen. He is picking the team for Ebbsfleet United’s FA Trophy Semi-Final match against Aldershot . Around the world 35,000 other fans are doing the same thing, because together, they own and manage the football club.  If distributed networks of people can run complex organisations such as football clubs, what else can they do?



Festival and Awards                                                                                                                

Toronto, Directors Guild Technical seminar sept 2007, speaker Bassam Kurdali

June 2007: Inclusion in the famous “Shorts Dawer 2006/2007″ DVD,

May 2007, Ottawa International Animation Festival,

25th CG International Conference (CGI’2007), May 2007, Festival Screening, Brazil,

Portable Film Festival, May 2007, Sydney Australia,


Director’s Bio                                                                                                                         

Ivo Gormley

Ivo has worked in media and the public sector for four years since graduatingwith an MA in Social Anthropology.  Ivo has worked on projects with the BFI,the Open University, BBC and Channel 4.  Working at thinkpublic, he has lednumerous projects in the public sector aiming to increase participation inpublic services across health, education and social care.


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Official Homepage




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