Shared Film Festival in Korea

Creative Commons Korea

Valkaama May 11, 2010

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      Director Tim Baumann

      Germany, 2009, 93 mins



    A Swedish poet, Lasse, has travelled around the world for years – alone, independently, restlessly. His heart knows no home except one that a prophecy from his childhood revealed to him: Valkaama, a mysterious place in northern Finland.

    Lasse always longed to settle there one day, along with Ari, a good friend bound to a wheelchair. In time, Lasses’s travels have lost their youthful innocence. He decides to go on one last great journey with Ari. Meanwhile Ari gets in touch with someone who abruptly changes the perspective on his own destiny for the worse.



Festival and Awards                                                                                                                



Director’s Bio                                                                                                                         

Tim Baumann

He is not a professional filmmaker. He studied Computer Science at Humboldt-University in Berlin. Valkaama was produced as part of my thesis paper on Open Source Movies and Open Source Movie business models. He made the movie in order to understand the process of film production and because of the lack of truly free feature movies. With truly free He means movies which are released under CC-by or CC-by-sa (as Valkaama). Over-all it took 3 years from idea to realization.


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